KaiSuite Features

With KaiSuite we want to keep your restaurant busy and your customers happy.
We enjoy building new features to bring the best user interface and experiences to your customers.
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When you receive an order via KaiSuite you will only be charged 50p. You have worked hard to get your business to where it is, unlike other companies who take 14% of your order, we believe your profit belongs to you.

With your personal dashboard allows you to see daily, weekly and monthly reports at the click of a mouse.

You can fully customise your receipt by adding your own logo, header text and footer text, allowing you to send a personal message to each of your customers.

We do not add any extra surcharges onto you or your customers. Keeping your customers coming back.

For every order you receive we put 12p back into advertising your company to find brand new customers to keep your company growing.

We provide you with a full 80mm Epson TM T20II Receipt Printer.

Payments go directly into your Stripe account, we do not hold any money.

Security is key at KaiSuite, we keep all of our systems up to date with the latest security releases, so you can have a piece on mind knowing all your information is secure.

With our menu builder you can edit.update your menu at any point, you can also add multiple menus so you can switch for upcoming events.

You can export your customers data to add to your own mailing list or sms system to keep your customers engaged.

With our delivery area builder, we allow you to limit your area down to specific houses/roads.

You can customise your restaurants shop front by adding background images and logo to give your restaurant a flare to impress your customers.

We have bought a lot of experience to bring a beautiful and easy to use system for the best user experience so your customers can move smoothly from start to finish with no effort.

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