Fully Customise Receipts

With our system you can fully customize your receipt to look exactly how you need it to look, we also have some templates to get you started.

No Surcharges

We will never charge your customers, your customers only pay for what they order.

Full 80mm Receipts

All our systems come with an Epson TM T20II Receipt Printer, so you can have a full 80mm print to show off your business.

Promote Your Company

As soon as you signup we will promote your company, we won't just promote for the first few weeks, we will promote your business every day you are a member.

Easy Payments

We do not hold any payments, all payments go directly to you. You will be able to accept all major debit and credit cards from customers.

Transparent Pricing

We do not charge a percentage per order so if your order is £15 or £100 you will only pay 50p per order.

Add Offers and Coupons

You can add coupons when ever you need to, keep your customers engaged on your terms.

Getting Setup

We know you are busy, that is why as soon as you signup we will get to work adding your restaurant, so you can start taking orders with a few hours.


You will receive all the latest upgrades to our system from weekly security updates to new features, FREE.

What else we provide?

Getting you started

We know you are busy running your business, thats why we want to get you up and running, we will setup your initial ordering page within a few hours of signing up.

Latest Software

Our applications are all written using the latest version of Angular, this allows us to develop fast and secure applications to ensure your customers their data is in safe hands.

Latest Hardware

We provide you with an Epson TM-T20II printer combined with our specialised self-contained hardware allowing your company to receive orders without any external sources having to be attached.

Get started in 3 simple steps...

Sign up

Sign up online in just 2 simple steps, you will receive an email where you can forward your menu and we will get to work for you adding your content to our system.

Receive Your Welcome Pack

You will receive a Welcome Pack in the post containing your new KaiSuite hardware all ready to go, all you have to do is plug it in.

Start Taking Orders

You can start taking orders as soon as you sign up. We will give you a call when you receive you first order to see how you are getting on.

Orders Processed
Order Total

What our clients say

KaiSuite has save us a fortune over the past few years, and enabled us to trasition from JustEat and Hungry House with ease allowing us to pass the savings onto our customers.

Rofiqul Islam

Are you ready to start taking orders for only 50p per order?

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