JustEat, that’s just not good business sense.

With online ordering now the norm for every household across the UK, prices for restaurants to receive orders from their customers are increasing year on year.

At KaiSuite, we will guarantee our prices will never increase.


JustEat has been around since 2008.

The current commission rate for JustEat is 14% + 20% VAT of the total order via their system and your customers have to pay a 50p “Service charge” when making an order.

This means on a £35 order you will only receive £28.52, that can amount to over £50,000 a year.

On top of that before you even start taking orders from JustEat you will have to pay over £830 to receive their hardware.

If you need to make a change to your menu at any time you will have to contact a member of the team a JustEat every time even for the smallest change.

The game changer

KaiSuite allows you to start taking order online with no cost for hardware and only £1 per order, no matter the size of the order, this allows you to pass your savings into your customers.

This opens up the online ordering avenue to every restaurant no matter the size.

KaiSuite will also help your current customer transition over to your new ordering system.

KaiSuite allows you to take back control of your online ordering by allowing you to update your menus and price anytime you like, you can also create multiple menus ready for those special events.


You also have access to your customers details so you are able to directly market and retain your customers.

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