Take back control of your online ordering.

Welcome to KaiSuite, we believe you shouldn’t be paying up to 14% of your online orders to a middleman.

The average online order in London is £30, that means for every order you take you are giving away £4.20 for every order you receive.

At KaiSuite we feel you shouldn’t have to pay extortionate and increasing rates just to receive order.

With KaiSuite you only pay £1 per order. That’s a saving on average of £3.20 per order, if on average you take 25 orders a day we could save you over £33k a year, just by making a simple switch to us.

When you join we will also budget 25% of your costs back into marketing and advertising for your company to push your sales further.

We can have you taking order on the same day you signup.

Contact us today for more information.

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