Black Friday Offer

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From Monday 19th November 2018 – Friday 23rd November 2018 we are having a huge sale on our technology. You will be able to get our welcome pack for only £165 thats a saving of 40% just on the hardware. And if that wasn’t enough we are also offering you free orders until January 1st […]


KaiSuite Features

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With KaiSuite we want to keep your restaurant busy and your customers happy. We enjoy building new features to bring the best user interface and experiences to your customers. Checkout our sample restaurant – Affordable Pricing When you receive an order via KaiSuite you will only be charged 50p. You have worked hard to get […]


Take back control of your online ordering.

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Welcome to KaiSuite, we believe you shouldn’t be paying up to 14% of your online orders to a middleman. The average online order in London is £30, that means for every order you take you are giving away £4.20 for every order you receive. At KaiSuite we feel you shouldn’t have to pay extortionate and […]


Beta released

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The Beta release of KaiSuite v.2 has been release, with this update comes some amazing speed and technical updates. This update also ties perfectly into our new Angular 7 administration application. If you would like a demo of this application please contact us.